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Botswana HIE


This guide provides a starting point for learning about the Botswana Health Information Exchange (HIE). The project is based on the OpenHIE architecture and uses the Instant OpenHIE V2 tooling to for packaging, deployment, and horizontal scalability. Currently, the HIE consists of core components of the HIE architecture customized to the Botswana context, as well as components supporting two target workflows: Patient Identity Management and Laboratory Order and Result Management. As this project levereges a number of open standards and global goods (OpenHIE, FHIR, HIE IGs, etc.), this documentation contains a number of references to useful external resources.

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The Botswana HIE is based on the OpenHIE architecture. The following diagram shows the core components of the HIE architecture, and highlights the components currently in scope for implementation as part of the Botswana HIE project.

HIE Components Index

Interoperability Layer

Link to OpenHIE Documentation

The Interoperability Layer (IOL) is the core component of the OpenHIE architecture responsible for securely routing messages between the various other components of the HIE, and providing the entrypoint interface for external point-of-service clients. This layer is implemented using OpenHIM.

Client Registry (Master Patient Index)

Link to OpenHIE Documentation

The Client Registry (CR) is responsible for linking and managing the identities of patients across the health system. This component is iplemented using OpenCR.

Shared Health Record

Link to OpenHIE Documentation

The Shared Health Record (SHR) service stores the longitudal health record for each patient from across the health system. This component supports workflows that require access to a shared central repository of patient data, such and laboratory order and result workflows. This component is implemented using SHR.

Terminology Service

Link to OpenHIE Documentation

The Terminology Service (TS) is responsible for managing terminology collections from across the health system and their mappings to standard terminologies. This component is implemented using Open Concept Lab.

Other OpenHIM Mediators

The CR and SHR run as OpenHIM mediators. In addition, the following mediators are used to support the HIE workflows:

Common OpenHIE Instant V2 Components

These components are used across HIE implementations and packaged using Instant OpenHIE V2. A number were based on or inspired by the Jembi platform project:

Externally Managed Services

These integrations include both point-of-service systems like EMRs and LIMs, as well as HIE components like the Facility Registry.

  • Facility Registry (Master Facility List): OpenHIE Documentation* The Facility Registry (FR) or Master Facility List (MFL) is responsible for managing the list of facilities and their health services across the health system. This system is being built and maintained by BITRI.

  • PIMS: This is a custom-built EMR used in Botswana.

  • Botswana EMR: This is an OpenMRS-based EMR used in Botswana, and developed by BITRI.

  • IPMS: This is a EMR and LIS system used in major facilities in Botswana developed by Meditech.

Developer Guides

  1. Botswana Laboratory Workflows

Cote d'Ivoire HIE

Project Overview

Dev Guide: Patient Identity Management Workflow in Cote d'Ivoire

This guide will go over development, configuration, and debugging the laboratory workflow for Botswana. This workflow includes functionality in the SHR and Fhir Converter projects, linked below:

The functionality includes Kafka-managed workflows in the SHR project, and FHIR --> HL7 and HL7 --> FHIR mappings in the Fhir Converter project.

Demo Videos